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gray area drinker

noun       /ˈsəmət/

A drinker who doesn’t identify with addiction but struggles to completely remove alcohol from their life.  They often feel conflicted about their drinking habits, recognizing that it negatively impacts their health, relationships, and overall well-being, yet struggle to cut back or quit altogether. 

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Are you tired of feeling like something is missing in your life?

It’s a sentiment many people feel and have a hard time finding the answer to. They look at changing their environment, personal relationships, career, diet but the last thing they think of changing is their relationship with alcohol.   

Many people don’t realize that alcohol is the thing to blame for so many of their struggles; the middle of the night wakeup call, the foggy brain, the lack of energy, the feeling that everyone else has it figured out but you.

By embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle, you open the door to self-discovery, purpose, and a genuine sense of wholeness. It’s a journey toward reclaiming what may have been lost, and finding fulfillment that extends far beyond the temporary dopamine hit you get from drinking alcohol. 

It’s about rediscovering your truest potential and showing up as the best version of yourself.

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A bit about Maggie...

I’m a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Grey Area Drinking Coach.

Prior to becoming alcohol free, I was a daily wine enthusiast.  I thought wine was my friend.  It’s how I connected with my husband at night, how I rewarded myself as a working mom of three kids and I truly thought it was part of who I was.  

It wasn’t until I started a 100 day alcohol free challenge that I learned how wrong I was about alcohol, how dependent I was on it and how it had been holding me back all of these years.  

I dove deep into the sober world, connecting with like minded people, soaking up all of the resources in the space and learning about the benefits of alcohol free life. 

I created The Sober Summit as a resource to help other grey area drinkers see the impact AF life can have and how it can truly bring out the best version of you.  

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