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-Karyn I. 

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November 8-10 are going to be jam packed with amazing speakers sharing their inspiring stories and providing tips on how you can have your best holiday season without alcohol. 

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“I’ve purchased the All Access Pass, I didn’t at first as my thought process was that I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from it and it would be a waste of money! 5 days sober now and I’m thinking clearer.  Rather than waste my money on alcohol I’ve decided to invest it in myself by getting the pass and KNOW it will benefit me massively.”


Get all of these premium bonuses to help you prepare for an incredible alcohol free holiday!

Let’s Do This!  Sober Self Development Masterclass 

Andy Ramage

The vital next step on your alcohol-free adventure is to use your time, energy and clarity to develop yourself. In this 28-day masterclass, you will learn how to find your alcohol-free goals and consistently achieve them!

$120 Value

Writing to Heal Workbook

Jessica Dueñas

Writing serves many functions, and it can be incredibly healing through the art of personal narrative.

Let this workbook help you lay out the foundation to write your own story, be it for your own eyes to see or for you to share with others.

$25 Value

10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Alcohol

Sarah Rusbatch

Watch my thought provoking and insightful webinar on Grey Area Drinking and 10 things I bet you didn’t know about alcohol.

$49 Value

Cultivating Self Compassion

Heather Lowe

Cultivating Self Compassion helps individuals on an alcohol free journey build greater resilience and emotional wellbeing by reducing self criticism, increasing self acceptance, and improving emotional regulation. 
People who complete this class report greater emotional resilience, improved relationships, enhanced self awareness, and stress reduction. They are better able to manage triggers and cravings and have a reduced risk of relapse or slip. This Self Compassion Masterclass supports the overall well being of sober and sober curious people navigating change.
$20 Value

Sober Conversations Masterclass

Bex Weller

Ready to rock the art of talking about your sobriety?  Join me for this Masterclass and master the art of communicating about your sobriety – so you can build a life in alignment with your biggest, boldest goals!

$19 Value

Quit Drinking 30 Day Challenge – Men Only

Shane Ramer

In this 30 day quit drinking challenge, Shane shares why so many men fail at taking a break or quitting alcohol for good. Shane also lays out a clear and concise 30 day plan with 30 podcasts in 30 days coupled with exercises, accountability and community to help other men connect and quit drinking for 30 days or more. The challenge will help men understand some of the underlying issues of why they drink, as well as explore solutions to the problem.

$99 Value

One Month Free of The Sober Mom Life Cafe membership – Women Only

Suzanne Wayre

For women only! If you’re looking for community and connection in sobriety, The Sober Mom Life Cafe is here for you. We take a no judgment, no shame approach to sobriety and help you find freedom from alcohol. Weekly zoom meetings, exclusive Discord chat, bonus podcast episodes and SO much more. You’ll get one month free! 

$15 Value

AFS Faith Talk Mini Course & Purpose & Gratitude Journal

Amy Edwards

Join me for a 3 Day Mini Course covering: 

  • Faith & Our Identity
  • Faith & Willpower
  • The Trade Off with Alcohol

Plus, receive a Purpose & Gratitude Journal pdf.
($39.00 value)

$195 Value

21 Days FREE of 100 Days Empowerment Coaching

Lauren Fay

My 100 Days of Empowerment Coaching Program is a transformative journey designed to help you unlock your fullest potential. Over the course of 100 days, you’ll receive a daily journal prompt, mantra, and empowerment message to cultivate self-actualization, boost self-love, and embrace a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

This program empowers you to create lasting change and discover the extraordinary YOU within yourself. First 21 days are FREE to All Access Passers! Pairs perfectly with my FREE Choose Your Miracle™ meditation found in my Sober Summit Gift Pack.

$21 Value

Family Recovery- Grace Based Tools for Healing Addiction

Tanya Gioia

Are you tired of feeling helpless and overwhelmed while trying to support your loved ones through addiction and recovery?

This course provides you with practical advice and valuable insights to help you navigate this challenging time and create a life you adore with your loved ones.

$75 Value

100 Days of Sobriety Printable Digital Journal

Austin Karr

Empower your sobriety journey with the ‘100 Days of Sobriety’ Journal. Packed with over 60 prompts, it’s your companion through each phase of your 100-day sobriety challenge. Build the habit of list journaling, explore different phases, and track your progress with ease.

This guided journal focuses on mindfulness and self-reflection, helping you build a strong foundation, understand triggers, practice gratitude, and live in the present. Reclaim your well-being, tackle cravings, and gain insights for lasting transformation. Your journey to a more mindful and sober life begins here. ‘100 Days of Sobriety’—your roadmap to positivity and self-awareness.

$15 Value


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