The Sober Summit Resources

The Sober Summit was jam packed with amazing speakers sharing their inspiring stories and providing tips on how you can live your best life alcohol free.

This is a collection of the quit lit books and podcasts mentioned during The Sober Summits.

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A list of Quit Lit Books written by the speakers from The Sober Summit

Alcohol Explained
by William Porter

Alcohol Explained 2
by William Porter

And She Came Tumbling Down
by Karla Adkins

Better Me Better You
by Matt Pink

Dry Humping
by Tawny Lara

Intoxicating Lies
by Meg Geisewite

Let’s Do This!
by Andy Ramage

Living Sober, Living Free
by Michelle Smith

Look Alive Sis!
by Jenn Kautsch

My Dad My Coach
by Kathy VandenBerghe

Sober Daughter
by Fawna Asfaw

Sober in Seven
by Andy Smith

The Alcohol Experiment
by Annie Grace

This Naked Mind
by Annie Grace

The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge
by Andy Ramage

Unbottled Potential
by Amanda Kuda

A Happier Hour
by Rebecca Weller

Up All Day
by Rebecca Weller

Chameleon: Confessions of a Former People-Pleaser
by Rebecca Weller

RSVP Sober: Your Guided Journal for Socialising Alcohol-Free
by Rebecca Weller

Bamboozled: How Alcohol Makes Fools of Us All
by Ken Makimsy Middleton

This Side of Alcohol
by Peggi Cooney

Beyond Booze: How to create a life you love alcohol-free 
by Sarah Rusbatch

Say It Out Loud
by Vasavi Kumar

Mindful Mixology: A Comprehensive Guide to No- and Low-Alcohol Cocktails with 60 Recipes 
by Derek Brown

How to Eat to Change How You Drink
by Dr. Brooke Scheller

Sober Bliss: Quit Drinking. Feel Good.
by Gayle Macdonald


A list of the speaker’s favorite Quit Lit Books written by the authors

by Sarah Hepola

Drinking: A Love Story
by Caroline Knapp

Girl Walks Out of a Bar
by Lisa Smith

Glorious Rock Bottom
by Bryony Gordon

Kick The Drink Easily
by Jason Vale

Not Drinking Tonight
by Amanda E. White

Push Off From Here
by Laura McKowen

Quit Drinking Without Willpower
by Allen Carr

Quit Like a Woman
by Holly Whitaker

by Koren Zailckas

Sober Curious
by Ruth Warrington

The Body Keeps Score
by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

The Myth of Normal
by Gabor Maté

The Power of Intention
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

The Sober Diaries
by Clare Pooley

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober
by Catherine Gray

Sunshine Warm Sober: The unexpected joy of being sober – forever
by Catherine Gray

We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life
by Laura McKowen

Push Off from Here: Nine Essential Truths to Get You Through Sobriety (and Everything Else)
by Laura McKowen

Why Don’t You Drink Alcohol?
by Sienna Green

It’s Not About The Wine
by Celeste Yvonne

Tired of Thinking About Drinking
by Belle Robertson

A Cocktail of Clarity
by Dupe Witherick


A list of sober podcasts hosted by the speakers from The Sober Summit

Over the Influence
Hosted by Sharon Hartley and Ben Anderson

Bio Emotional Healing
Hosted by Ashleigh DiLello

Unbottled Potential
Hosted by Amanda Kuda

Champagne Problems
Hosted by Patrick Balsley and Robbie Shaw

Hello Someday
Hosted by Casey McGuire Davidson

This Naked Mind
Hosted by Annie Grace

Sober Bliss
Hosted by Gayle Macdonald

The Hypnotist
Hosted by Adam Cox

By Volume 
Hosted by Laura Silverman and Danny Frounfelkner

LifeSober Dating: One Date at a Time® 
Hosted by Kathy VandenBerghe

Recovery Rocks 
Hosted by Tawny Lara and Lisa Smith

The Sober Mom Life
Hosted by Adam Cox

The Bottomless to Sober Podcast
Hosted by Jessica Dueñas

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle 
Hosted by James Swanwick, Victoria English and Sarah Connelly

Don’t Touch My Mindset
Hosted by Jay Chase

Say It Out Loud
Hosted by Vasavi Kumar

That Sober Guy Podcast
Hosted by Shane Ramer

The Alcohol Free Marriage & More Podcast 
Hosted by Matt & Amy Edwards

Sober on Purpose Podcast
Hosted by Tanya Gioia