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Embracing Non-Alcoholic Traditions – Heather Lowe


Heather Lowe

Heather Lowe is the Founder of Ditched the Drink, a wellness company dedicated to helping professionals move away from alcohol and towards their highest selves. Heather is a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, Certified Addiction Awareness Facilitator, and the Director of Marketing Consumer Products for the International Center of Addiction Recovery Education (ICARE).

Driven by her education as a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), a Professional of Human Resources (PHR), and Yale Certificated in the Science of Well Being, Heather provides content, knowledge, coaching, and education to individuals and organizations seeking to be more alcohol free.

Heather is passionate about coaching, connecting people with alcohol free resources, and creating a positive sober community. Heather shares the bright side of sobriety as an influencer in the social media sober space @ditchedthedrink.

Heather’s writing has been published in Thrive Global, Monument- Tempest, The Fix, Mashable, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Employee Benefit News, and more. She has been featured on many podcasts including Recovery Happy Hour, Redesigning Wellness, Alcohol Tipping Point, Energetically You, Sun and Moon Sober Living, Hello Someday, Sober Motivation, Decidedly Dry and more.

Ditched the Drink offers INSIDER Monthly Membership with mobile app, and JUMPSTART: Digital Class, BECOMING: 1X1 Coaching, and LAUNCH Your Coaching Practice

Heather, in partnership with the Association of Professional Recovery Coaches also recruits, mentors, and trains new coaches.

Schedule a call to discuss getting coaching support, becoming a coach, or offering workplace resources.

Heather lives in Chicago’s western suburbs as a proud girl mom to two teenage daughters, Lily and Charlotte, her husband Darin of 20+ years, and their adorable black and white cocker spaniel, Rocky. Heather is a voracious reader, a new-ish hiker, and a seasoned yogi.


Alcohol Free Holiday Workbook

This wellness workbook includes tips for goal setting, journal prompts for reflection and a habit tracker for accountability.