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Family Recovery: Grace Based Tools for Healing Addiction – Tanya Gioia

Family Recovery- Grace-based tools for Healing Addiction is a course designed to help families navigate the challenges of addiction and recovery. Hosted by Tanya Gioia, a wife, mom, podcaster, and life coach, this course offers practical advice for families to create a life they adore with their loved ones without addiction.

The course is set up in several episodes, each focusing on a specific aspect of addiction and recovery.

The first episode emphasizes the importance of community involvement in addiction recovery, including the benefits of journaling and reaching out to sobriety support groups.

The second episode discusses different models of addiction and how to live a fulfilling life without addiction.

The third episode covers the expectations for a newly sober family and suggestions for supporting family members in maintaining their sober lifestyle.

The fourth episode talks about the danger of resentments and the importance of forgiveness, communication, and managing resentment.

The fifth episode focuses on re-establishing family roles and adjusting to a new lifestyle after recovery.

The sixth episode discusses the importance of healing past hurts through healthy communication and seeking professional assistance.

Finally, the seventh episode focuses on celebrating victories, reflecting on the journey, and setting up a new framework for a balanced family life.

Throughout the course, Tanya shares her own experiences as a wife, mom, and coach, providing practical tips for families to support their loved ones in recovery. Addiction is not just a personal matter, and the lives of loved ones are affected by both addiction and the recovery process. Therefore, it is essential to be available and supportive to someone who is recovering to ensure a successful and sustainable recovery.

In conclusion, the Helping Families Heal After Addiction Course offers valuable insights and practical advice for families to navigate the challenges of addiction and recovery. It provides a framework for families to create a life they adore with their loved ones without addiction and promotes a balanced family life.