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How to Break Free, Stay Free and Be Free – Lauren Fay


Lauren Fay

Hi, I’m Lauren Fay, an Alcohol-Free Empowerment Coach for ambitious women who are ready to gain freedom back in all areas of their lives through elective sobriety and sobriety as a conscious choice. I’m one part coach strategist, one part mindset genius, and another part spiritual goddess with a holistic approach that guides you to embrace sobriety with confidence, unleash your ambitions and intuition, and cultivate lasting transformation in your life that aligns with your true purpose, values, and authentic self.

I am also an Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner, and a Sensual Movement and Authentic Expression Alchemist. I teach Yin and Kundalini Yoga, facilitate Women Circles, and am a Miracle Facilitator of Choose Again Attitudinal Healing based off of A Course in Miracles. A former Collegiate Athlete, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I discovered early on the power of motivation and support to achieve dreams. All of these modalities are very powerful, transformative, restorative, and effective systems of healing that revitalizes our bodies and frees one from emotional turmoil, old belief systems, addictive behaviors, and physical disorders that no longer serve us.

With over 5+ years of my own continuous sobriety journey, 7+ years of an active energy healing practice, and over a decade of coaching, I’ve developed a signature holistic approach of losing the desire to drink by changing the way you think, all by understanding your relationship to alcohol and identifying the life available to you by choosing your miracles. I have helped hundreds of women uncover their potential, rediscover their authentic selves, and up-level all areas of their lives in a mind, body and spirit relationship most have never experienced before!

Today I live a very rewarding, full, exciting, and miraculous alcohol-free life. I reside full-time in an Airstream with the two loves of my life – my fiancé and my 10yo doberman mix (not necessarily in that order) as a world traveler and seeker of experiences. Today, you will likely find me chasing waterfalls, swimming in the ocean, napping on my stand-up paddle board, playing around with acro yoga, moving at ecstatic dance, or sharing the gift of Reiki and Sound Healing with friends I meet along the way.


Lauren Fay Coaching Gift Pack!

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✨ Access to my Online Women’s Community Space for alcohol-free empowerment coaching
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