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How to Break The Cycle and Be Your Best Self This Holiday Season – Jay Chase


Jay Chase

Jay Chase’s story is a dazzling testament to human resilience and redemption. On February 5th, 2017, a pivotal decision marked Jay’s liberation from the shackles of alcohol. Since that defining moment, he’s remained unwaveringly sober, conquering challenges and celebrating milestones.

From enduring the lows as a former alcoholic and felon to spending over a decade in the automotive financial sectors, Jay’s journey has been meteoric. Today, he’s not just the CEO of a leading leadership development firm but also the charismatic voice behind the top-rated “Don’t Touch My Mindset” podcast and an international leadership guru.

His talks are a compelling mix of personal tales, humor, and actionable insights that resonate profoundly with audiences everywhere. Renowned for his contagious energy, Jay has transformed lives worldwide. Jay drives home one crucial message: With belief, action, and vision, any dream is within reach. His story isn’t just one of hopeā€”it’s a testament to the endless potential within us all.