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How to Find Faith in Sobriety – Amy Edwards


Amy Edwards

In March 2020, when millions of people were gearing up their drinking, Amy started to think, “this isn’t going to end well.” She decided to take a break from her long drinking career with the help of a 21-Day Reset Challenge. Amy was introduced to a book called This Naked Mind, which changed her whole thought process around alcohol.

Starting her journey in March 2020, Amy worked her way through sober podcasts, books and added 30, 60, 100-day challenges and decided let’s see what a year looks and feels like. During her first year, Amy was compassionately sharing info with her husband Matt, who was in the moderation/sober curious mode for nearly 9 months.

In January 2021, Matt did the Live Alcohol Experiment and joined her in living an alcohol free life. Both had the same intent – take a break and then be able to finally moderate their drinking. They have never looked back.

In the fall of 2021, Amy became a TNM Certified Coach offering 1:1 coaching to women. Amy and a fellow TNM coach, Suzanne Nissen, saw a need and wanted to create a program for Christian women who are struggling like they were – living with one foot in the world of Wine Wednesdays and 5 O’clock Somewhere Fridays. Always leading to shame-filled worship on the weekend. Combining science with grace and compassion, and love for God, Amy and Suzanne created The Alcohol Free Spirit Experiment.

Amy and Matt also started the Alcohol Free Marriage (& More) Podcast in the Spring of 2022 to share that there is another way of living. They are using their platform to educate and share stories of how life can be better living Alcohol Free. They are not ANTI-Alcohol! They Want Living Alcohol Free And Not Drinking Alcohol To Be Just As Normal As Drinking Alcohol. Amy and Matt are also studying to become Certified Christian Marriage Coaches.

Amy lives in the heart of Illinois with Matt. They have been married for almost 24 years and have 2 young adult children who are flying out of the nest as we speak.


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