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How to Reframe Triggers & Look for Glimmers – Victoria English


Victoria English

Victoria is a 53 year old mother of four, Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor, certified Integrative nutritionist with a BS, Dietetics. She is the founder of After the Crisis, Head Coach, Alcohol-Free Lifestyle, podcast host, author and certified alcohol-recovery coach.

In her 30’s, she fell into the mommy wine culture, and after a major loss, slowly slipped into alcohol-use disorder. After years of trying to stop drinking through traditional recovery methods, she discovered that understanding the science of addiction, along with self-compassion, was the formula for success.

In 2018, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, and in 2020, she left a difficult marriage. As she rebuilt her body, mind & spirit, she decided to use her journey to help others release alcohol and the wreckage it creates.

She has now helped hundreds of people change their relationship with alcohol, and lives a happy, fulfilling life. She counts her children, her work and her resilience as her greatest accomplishments.