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How to Set Healthy Holiday Boundaries – Tanya Gioia


Tanya knows that for every addict, 5 people are impacted.  Working with women heals a generation.

She’s been through all the challenges you’re familiar with: 

• Striving for a career to make her whole

• Chasing a man to fulfill her

• Jumping unhealed into a second marriage

• Managing new babies and an addicted husband as well as her own codependency

• Running her own business thinking enough money would “save” her.

Finally, Tanya decided she deserved more in her life – from her life.  She set out to learn everything, AA, Alanon, Celebrate Recovery, and Deep Therapy (EMDR) and decided to help heal others who share similar challenges by getting her professional coaching certification.  

Tanya works with women who want to finally heal their marriage and family whilst supporting their husbands through recovery from addiction.  She uses her unique Dancing with Joy process to help them become the woman her husband cherishes and the mother who places God and love first to create a truly connected loving, and supportive family. 


Unhelpful Help Awareness & Self Assessment Quiz

This quiz is designed to help you reflect on your helping behaviors, discover whether you might be inadvertently providing unhelpful assistance to your loved ones, especially those affected by addiction, and assess your awareness of these behaviors.